Writing multi-genre songs FOR ARTISTS who are looking for original, fresh material for their own crucially important recording projects.

All songs on this site (and many more in our extensive song catalog) are fully “AVAILABLE” to be cut/covered on your recording projects (just let us know so we can provide appropriate/specific permissions, see Contact Page).

You, the artist, can record your own version of any of these songs and potentially take the songs into the charts.

All songs are presented here in “demo” format for “demo” purposes. They can be stylistically cut/produced anyway YOU want. We do not offer production services and we are not recording artists; we just write the songs.

Available Songs:

My Girl and Country Music
Up-tempo, ultra-catchy Country song. Fresh. High-energy. Solid hooks. Planted in Country tradition yet possible Crossover Pop.

Her Not So Secret Weapons
Rowdy and edgy. Up-tempo, hard-driving Country with a heavy dose of attitude!

Someday a Family
Mid-tempo, sentimental, more Traditional Country song. Great visual lyrics.

All Roads Lead Back to You and Me
Highly danceable, fun Alt-Country male/female duet.

Drownin’ in Beer Drownin’ in Tears
Good ‘ol boy Country song. Mid-tempo. Livin’ fast & hard, redneck mentality.

Forever Written on Your Wall
Alternative/Modern Rock song with exciting Pop possibilities! Up-tempo hooks, engaging story and great visual lyrics.

No More Cash
High-energy Americana song. Heavily Pop/Rock influenced. Ultra-fresh lyrical content.

Jesus Helps Me
Uplifting, fun, catchy and melodic. Crossover Pop possibilities.

I Found Jesus Today
A great song for showcasing soaring vocals. Crossover Pop possibilities.

If you find a song among these demos which you would like to cut and release on your own recording project, just let us know!