Thank you for visiting my songwriter demo website!

Currently I am focusing on developing my commercial Country music songwriting.

These demos are examples of my songs that I pitch.

These songs also represent the various components of my approach to songwriting.

I wrote the lyrics, melodies, hooks, choruses, music and arrangements for all of these songs.

Country Songs

Her not so Secret Weapons
*EDGY! Up-tempo, mainstream Country song. EDGY lyrics with ATTITUDE.

My Girl and Country Music
*FRESH! Up-tempo, ultra-catchy mainstream Country song. Fresh. High-energy. Hook-filled relatable lyrics.

All Roads Lead Back to You and Me
Up-tempo, fun Country song about motorcycles and relationships. Highly danceable. Conversational duet with male and female vocals.

Someday a Family
*SENTIMENTAL! Mid-tempo song with a mainstream Country sound. Lyrics combine sentimentality with a younger family feel. Song builds to HUGE sad hooks.

Drownin in Beer Drownin in Tears
Mid-tempo, classic Country drinking song. Lot’s of pedal steel guitar. Melodic and catchy with a sing-along groove.

Pop Rock Songs

Forever Written in the Clouds
*FRESH! Up-tempo Pop Rock song with a dreamy perspective of the realities and considerations of data sharing and technology today. Highly melodic, big hooks with topically massive mainstream appeal.

No More Cash
Up-tempo, high-energy Pop Rock song. Ultra-fresh lyrical content. Student debt, education, reality shows, minimum wages, politics – all packed within this catchy, hook-filled song.

Christian Pop Songs

Jesus Helps Me
*LIVELY! Up-tempo, fun and inspiring Christian Pop song. Ultra-catchy and melodic. Uplifting, identifiable and memorable storyline.

I Found Jesus Today
Mid-tempo, uplifting Christian Pop song. Pleasingly melodic and inspirational. Soaring vocals.

*These songs represent a very small portion of my existing song catalog. I am a multi-genre songwriter (BMI) interested in working with up-and-coming professional-minded artists and bands.